Extra Virgin Olive Oil ACIDITY< 0.4° / Producer Soldebre / Variety of Olive: Arbequina

    SQU 8428546001664
    Excellent olive oil with a medium fruity taste, not really bitter or spicy and with almond and mature banana aromas.
    • 250 ml. glass bottle
    • Store in a cool dry place and protect it from vibration
    65,00 HKD
  • Description

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    Soldebre was created as a Cooperative in 1910. All its partners produce a competitive and high quality Olive Oil in their 5.000 hectares of olive plants.

    Olive Oil is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet and is recommended for people at all ages by dietician doctors because it helps to regulate cholesterol levels. It is anti-aging and beneficial to the digestive system.

    Olive Oil has been found to be effective against some disease: heart disease, cancer, oxidative stress, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis.

    And also...

    -It is a remedy for ulcers

    -In pediatrics, is the suitable fat for infant feeding.

    -It is very suitable for the epidermis conservation.

    -No contains cholesterol.

    -It contains Vitamins A, D, E and K  and helps to absorb minerals.

    Therefore, olive oil is called the best friend of our health.

    -Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    - Nutritional Information per 100 ml:

    Energy                              900 Kcal

    Total Fat                             100 g

    Saturated Fat                       14 g

    Monounsaturated  Fat         77 g

    Polyunsaturated Fat             9 g

    Total Carbohydrates              0 g

    Sugars                                  0 g

    Proteins                                0 g

    Salt                                      0 g

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