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    Since 1983 these traditional biscuits are made with natural ingredients only: wheat flour, olive oil, butter and fresh eggs. They are always crunchy as they have been toasted over a low heat on both sides. Enjoy them at any time of the day!
    • Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
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  • Description

    Discover the high quality and  natural ingredients of these delicious and healthy biscuits, which since 1893 have been enjoyed in many Spanish homes, maintaining their traditional recipes and elaboration processes.

    Made with the best natural ingredients, do not contain preservatives, colourings, trans or hydrogenated fats or OIL OR FAT OF PALM.

    Their artisanal production is based on working the dough in the traditional way (following the same process as in 1893), afterwards every biscuit is slowly baked in order to achieve each one’s optimum roasting and giving them their characteristic crunchy texture.

    Birba biscuits hold the Q quality seal (or Qualitat, for quality in Catalan language), a food quality label granted by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia which ensures the consumer a superior quality product with distinct characteristics, controlled and certified. The main features of all the biscuits which have been awarded this quality seal is that they are elaborated with top quality ingredients. Besides, this Q trade mark regulations do not allow using preservatives or colourings.

    Characteristics of the ingredients are respected to the full, thus resulting in the best quality biscuits

    Let us to introduce you the origin and main characteristics of their natural ingredients, selected for their high quality:

    • Fresh eggs (not powdered egg): They only use fresh eggs from farms of Girona province. These eggs are cracked by hand one by one (around 3000 eggs a day). Egg yolk is used for the biscuits dough. Egg white is also used for preparing the dough, but once whisked.
    • Olive Oil: Olive Oil is one of the oldest vegetable fats and the main source of lipids in the Mediterranean Diet, which has many health benefits. It provides many nutrients and it is rich in Vitamin K and E.
    • Wheat flour: The flour used at Birba is both refined and wholemeal. In order to achieve the optimum sponginess, they use a special kind of flour which is only for making biscuits, different from the one used to make bread. It comes from Spain, England and Canada.
    • Butter: very rich in Vitamin A and D. The butter used at Birba is a real fresh cow butter, a high quality one and without additives. It comes from different Spanish locations (Girona, Lleida and Asturias) and also from Holland.
    • Milk: Milk, apart from giving an incredible texture and flavour to the biscuits, provides minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus and Vitamins A, C and B12.

    Birba’s history dates back to the 19th Century, in Camprodón (Girona). At that time, due to its weather and wonderful natural scenery surrounded by mountains, Camprodón became a vacation destination for people from Barcelona  La historia de Birba empieza en el siglo XIX en Camprodón (Gerona). The business (making sponge cakes and confectionery) became famous soon thanks to high quality and taste of their products. At the time, the Birba family had a grocery shop, but since in winter there were no visitors they began to make biscuits because they were not as perishable as cakes and their distribution was easier.  

    They got a very good reputation because their biscuits were handcrafted, made with high quality raw materials and following original recipes. The demand of their products started to increase throughout Catalonia, and Birba brand became a byword for quality, flavour and naturalness.

    Once all the mishaps of the production during the Civil War were overcome, in 1961 Llorenç Birba Cordomí was awarded the Bronze Medal for Merit at work for his effort and commitment.

    The current factory was built in 2008, with over 7000 m2, but still keeps their original factory ovens that are in perfect working order. They also still produce like they did at their origin, in 1893, respecting handcrafted elaboration processes and taking special care when choosing the ingredients. 

    Wheat flour (61.5%), sugar, butter (7.8%), milk (2%), fresh eggs (2%), olive oil (1.6%), dextrose, glucose syrup, raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate), salt, vanilla flavouring.
    Allergy warning: May contain traces of nuts.

    -Nutritional Information (per 100 g):

    Energy                       1804 KJ / 431 kcal

    Total Fat                      10.4 g

    Saturated Fat               6.1 g

    Carbohydrates           74.6 g

    Sugars                         25.6 g

    Diet Fiber                       2.5 g

    Proteins                          8.2 g

    Salt                                   0.3 g

    Sodium                            0.1 g

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