400 g.

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    Cola cao is a unique product and, after many years, is always present in all Spanish homes thanks to its distinctive taste, texture and aroma. It is made with natural cocoa without any chemical treatments or additives.
    • Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
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  • Description

    It is highly nutritious because it is made with natural cocoa (non-fat cocoa powder, which does not cause weight gain), milk and minerals. Therefore, Cola Cao is part of a complete and healthy balanced diet of all the family.

    Non-fat cocoa powder, sugar, cream of malted kola (WHEAT flour), barley malt extract, natural flavouring (kola nut extract), mineral salts (calcium and phosphorus), flavourings, salt.
    Allergy warning: May contain MILK. Contains GLUTEN.

    -Nutritional Information (per 100 g):

    Energy                         1530 KJ / 361 kcal

    Total Fat                       2.4 g

    Saturated Fat              1.5 g

    Carbohydrates             78 g

    Sugars                           70 g

    Diet Fiber                      7.8 g

    Proteins                         6.8 g

    Salt                               0.14 g

    Calcium                          30 g (38% RDA*)

    Iron                               1.15 g (82% RDA*)

    Phosphorus                32.5 g (41% RDA*)

    Magnesium                 12.5 g (42% RDA*)

    *RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance

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