Recipes from Spain. Jijona turrón ice cream

  • Jijona turron is a very popular dessert at Christmas in Spain. But we can prepare many other recipes with it, tasty and perfect at any time of the year. And there is one which we particularly like and want to introduce you: turron ice cream.

    It is the "king" of the ice creams, at Christmas, in Spring, in Summer...all year round. At Christmas, some people buy extra bars of Jijona turron in order to make this recipe during the rest of the year since it is difficult to find turron in stores and supermarkets at other times of the year. Also, some people prepares this recipe to make use of the turron that was not consumed at Christmas because they bought too much. 

    Follow the recipe and delight your guests with this mouth-watering ice cream!

    If you have an automatic ice cream maker machine, steps 6 and 7 and much easier. Place the cream you got from step 5 in the fridge for 4 hours. Afterwards, pour it slowly into the ice cream maker and churn (use the ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instructions) for 20-30 minutes (to allow air into the mixture, reduce the ice crystals and get a lighter cream). When the cream starts thickening add the finely-chopped turron.

    And once the ice cream is ready, pour it in a container with lid and place in the freezer for 3 hours. 
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