Recipes from Spain. Cuban-style rice

  • Cuban-style rice is a very popular dish in Spain. We can find it on the menu of many restaurants, and it is served hot as a first course. It is quick and easy to prepare but delicious as well. 

    There is little controversy about its origins, some people believe that, as its name implies, it is a dish which comes from Cuba, while others say that it is from Spain, particularly from the Canary Islands. According to the latter view, a similar dish can be found in many Spanish-speaking countries because it was created by the Spaniards in America in the colonial period.

    The ingredients are simple, just boiled rice (round grain variety) with tomato sauce and a fried egg. The rice is often served with a molded shape (by using a glass or a cup). In many cases, this dish is accompanied by fried sweet banana, a delicious touch for those who like to combine sweet and salty. In fact, it is said that  the recipe that we can find in Cuba includes the fried sweet banana but not the tomato sauce. But, whatever its country of origin, it is certain that in the Caribbean island it is not called "Cuban-style rice" like in Spain.

    In Spain we can find other versions of this dish, for instance, instead of a fried banana adding a sausage to the rice with tomato sauce and fried egg.

    And now see below its simple preparation...

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