All about Spain. Turrones from Alicante (almond nougat)

  • Now is the best time to talk about one of the most typical Christmas sweets in Spain: Turrones.

    Discover also why turrones from Alicante are so well appreciated and well-known worldwide. There are two specialities with Protected Geographical Indication.

    The production of Spanish handmade nougat is maintained according to tradition, using the best ingredients and following the genuine recipes.

    Turrón is a sweet dough made by cooking honey (or sugars) with peeled toasted almonds. Also egg can be added to emulsify the mixture. After the mixing it has to be cut into rectangular tablets.

    The main Spanish centers of production are located in Jijona (Alicante), Casinos (Valencia) and Agramunt (Catalonia) among others.

    Jijona is the biggest worldwide producer of turrón. There is evidence of the existence of turrón in the province of Alicante in the sixteenth century. Still nowadays is one of the most traditional Spanish desserts at Christmas and its production follows the oldest recipes.

    Now, the Regulatory Council of Jijona and Alicante turrón Protected Geographical Indication  (which includes most of the companies of Jijona and also producers of almost 60% of the Spanish production), controls and defends the quality and excellence of Jijona and Alicante turrón, both of them made in Jijona (Alicante).

    Turrones with this seal of guarantee and denomination, are qualified with the best quality of the production process as well as the ingredients used. They are:

    • ‘Alicante Turrón’ ( or Hard Almond Nougat ), with a lot of whole almonds. Its ingredients are: honey, egg-white, sugar and whole toasted and peeled marcona almonds.

    • ‘Jijona Turrón’ ( or Soft Almond Nougat), with ground almonds and more pasty appearance. Made with the same ingredients as Alicante Turrón but with all the ingredients milled and converted into a dough. It combines perfectly the bitterness of the almond with the sweetness of the honey.

    Jijona and Alicante turrones have very healthy properties as it is a 100% natural product, with little presence of refined sugar and where the fats are healthy and unsaturated. They contain pure bee honey and almonds of the highest quality. They provide a great energetic power, with carbohydrates, vegetable fats and proteins. They do not provide cholesterol and are rich in vitamins A, E and B.

    And why is it mainly eaten at Christmas? Some people say that it was never a cheap food for its ingredients and preparation and it was reserved for special occasions. Others say that their preparation coincided with the arrival of autumn, when farmers ceased their work in the field and started to produce turrones.

    Whatever the reason of the consumption of turrones at Christmas, enjoy as if you were in Spain, an authentic Christmas, eating with your loved ones, delicious turrones.

    El Colmado HK offers the two turrones with Protected Geographical Indication of which we have spoken in the post: 

    Jijona Turrón click here

    and Alicante Turrón click here


    Image by PincasPhoto
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