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  • Spanish porrón is a kind of pitcher used in Spain to share wine with other people without using glasses in a hygienic way (because there is no contact with the lips).

    The traditional porrón is made of glass, but nowadays it can be made of ceramic as well. Ceramic not only is a more resistant material but also maintains temperature better.

    It has a characteristic shape: it is wide at the bottom (with a pot-bellied base) and has a long and thin neck (usually with a cork or a plastic cap). Toward the bottom has a long conical-shaped spout, narrowing to a small opening at the tip. The porrón has such a shape in order to the wine has minimal contact with air. The neck, apart from being used as a handle when drinking, is where we pour the wine in. And the long spout is where a fine stream of the liquid comes out from. 

    Its capacity may vary, although normally holds 750 ml.

    Eventhough it was originally used to drink wine, nowadays its use is not restricted to this beverage and can be filled with other ones such as cava, beer… In Spain, in some restaurants,  customers are offered a small porrón after the meal so they can drink a shot of liquor.

    The porrón was invented by the Spaniards. Its origins are in the regions of Aragón, Catalonia and North Levante. The oldest preserved porrón is from Poblet (in Tarragona province).

    It was created between the end of the 14th and the early 15th centuries. Since then people had been using horns to drink wine, the porrón was created as a fusion of a horn and a bottle. It was much more practical because it had both functions: store wine and share it with other people in a hygienic way. In fact, we can say that a porrón is like a bottle with a horn or vice versa.


    To drink from a porrón you should follow these steps:

    1. Pour the wine into the porrón. In case your porrón has a cork or a cap do not reseal it.
    2. Bring the tip of the porrón close to your mouth (without touching it!). Tilt it forward slowly, until the stream flows into your mouth.
    3. Raise your elbow and the porrón, gradually, for a longer flow. Try as high as your dare!
    4. For experts only: Extend your arm completely to achieve an incredibly thin and high stream.
    5. To stop the flow bend your elbow and lower the porrón. And with a quick and clean movement of your wrist tilt the spout up to cut the stream
    6. Pass the porrón to the next drinker!

    Drinking from a porrón is a fun and environmentally-friendly way of sharing wine. No need for using glasses or disposable plastic or paper cups. But as many other things in life, it takes some time and practice to master the porrón. But this practice will be very fun for sure! An important tip is to have confidence when using the porrón, especially when stopping the flow since the movement must be fast and without hesitation. Otherwise you will stain your shirt!  You can practice with some water or white wine first (red wine stains are not easy to remove) or use a bib, an apron or a kitchen towel to protect your clothes. But never touch the porrón with your lips to avoid stains!    

     Now, El Colmado HK gives you the chance to try this fun way of sharing wine with Porrón Molón. It is a modern version (but handmade) of the traditional porrón which includes some improvements such as the material (it is made from ceramic to maintain temperature), its removable tip (for an easy cleaning and for using the porrón as a decanter as well) and the anti-drip piece of the tip (to prevent splattering). 

    Click here to see all porrones and prices (Now you can enjoy a discount!)

    Click here to watch a nice video called “Porrón Molón: Proudly made in Spain”

    Do you dare to try the porrón? 



    Post photo is licensed under Creative Commons license, posted to Flickr by k-naia:


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