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  • Due to the celebration during the last days of September and the first days of October of the world famous Oktoberfest (one of the world’s biggest celebration and the most popular party in Germany) we want to talk about Spanish beer which is a very consumed and appreciated drink.

    Spain also celebrates a similar Oktoberfest in some cities like Tenerife, Valencia, Madrid, Valladolid, Málaga, Barcelona and Zaragoza.

    But we are going to talk about the origin of the spanish beer production and its actual consumption in Spain.

    According to some sources, beer was introduced in Spain during the XVI century by King Carlos I of Spain (and V of Germany). He was born in Gante (Belgium) and brought his master brewers from the north of Europe to maintain his private production of beer.

    Hopgrowing started in Spain in the mid 19th century and this is one of the reasons of the increase in the beer production as well as their consumption during summer time in the big cities especially between the bourgeois classes. But despite those increases the wine production was higher due to the favorable mediterranean climate for wine cultivation.

    At the beginning of the 20th century some of the most important beer producing companies were founded and some of them have remained until nowadays.

    After that period The Spanish Civil War and the Post-War situation led to the downfall the beer production and consumption due to the absence of ingredients and money for transactions.  

    After this period and particularly during the 60s the beer consumption and production became very popular due to the emergence of tourism.

    In the 70s beer starts to be served with the famous spanish tapas and in the 80s the beer per capita consumption is the same as the wine per capita consumption.

    At the moment Spain is among the first ten world beer producers.

    For sure wine is the most popular alcoholic drink in Spain but beer is always in all the popular celebrations, parties with family and friends, town fairs, in the aperitif on Sundays, in the beach bars, in the terraces in summer time where you can drink it very cold, and of course with the famous and delicious spanish ‘tapas’.

    Whether if you want to recreate some of the spanish traditions or celebrate your own Oktoberfest, we would like to show you Cruzcampo Gran Reserva (Heineken España) genuine beer at an incredible price (click here )

    Have a happy celebration!

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