All about Spain. Semi-sparkling Spanish wine ('de aguja')

  • When you finish reading today's post you will be able to identify the delicious semi-sparkling or frizzante Spanish wines characteristics ( ‘vinos de aguja’ in Spanish). 

    According to this general wine classification, there are two different types of wine:

    -first type includes sparkling wines (or wines with bubbles)

    - and the second type incorporates the ones without bubbles, also called still wines.

    Semi-sparkling wines, by legislation, are classified as sparkling wines, although a lot of oenologists define them as a still wines with a little amount of carbon dioxide.

    Therefore, we can define a semi-sparkling wine according to the grape varieties used in their elaboration and their actual production process as well. When these wines are bottled they conserve the carbon dioxide originated during the fermentation process of the natural or added artificial sugars. When you open one bottle of semi-sparkling wine you can see the bubbles without becoming scum.

    Other characteristics of semi-sparkling wines are:
    • They have a minimum alcoholic graduation of 9%.
    • They are kept in slightly elongated bottles, similar to the ones used for cava.
    • They are young wines, fresh, soft, light and refreshing
    • In your mouth, they are gaseous and fundamentally sweet (mixture of red or white fruits).
    • Enjoy them very cold. A semi-sparkling wine has to be served and drunk between 4 and 10º C.
    • While cava or champagne need a flute glass, a semi-sparkling wine should be drunk in a traditional glass of wine, in order to lose some gas.

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