All about Spain. Piquillo peppers

  • Piquillo peppers are a variety of chili peppers (capsicum annuum), cone shaped, small (7-8 cm long), with a hard skin, an intense red colour and quite meaty. They are well-known thanks to their excellent quality and delicious taste. They are a highly valued and appreciated chili pepper variety. 

    Piquillo peppers are often used in Spanish cuisine and they are a very important ingredient for tapas preparation. 

    Usually they are canned, we may find them in cans or glass jars. These peppers have to be cooked to get good flavour since they tend to be quite bitter in taste when raw. Therefore, normally they are grilled over open wood fire or charcoal fire, avoiding any contact with water in order not to lose aroma or flavour. After that, their stem is removed and they are skinned and seeded, all by hand.

    Once they are roasted, their bitter flavour turns intense but sweet. The subtle smoky flavour from the wood fire and the hot spicy nature of these peppers is absolutely delicious.


    Pepper plant is originating in Mexico, but was also found in some regions of Asia. It is believed that it was introduced into Spain in the 16th century by Christopher Columbus. Therefore, it is one of the first American plants introduced into Europe. 

    Later, different varieties of peppers have been developed in Spain, which include these great Piquillo peppers. For this reason, their origin is commonly attributed to Spain, and particularly to Lodosa, in Navarra (Northern Spain), where the famous 'PDO Piquillo de Lodosa'  piquillo peppers are grown.

    Between 1994 and 1996 seeds of piquillo peppers variety were exported to Perú and people started to grow them there too.


    The most popular way to prepare piquillo peppers is stuffing them. Their resistant flesh is great for using a wide variety of fillings: meat, cod, hake with prawns, cheese, tuna and onion, tuna and guacamole, courgette and goat cheese, Spanish morcilla, rice...

    They combine perfectly with fish and seafood as well as with vegetables, and especially with mushrooms.

    They also can be served as a side, with meat, dishes with egg (like Spanish potatoes omelette), rice, potatoes or pasta.

    Besides, we can also find them as an ingredient in salads and, of course, in many tapas.


    Apart from their great flavour, piquillo peppers have the following properties:

    • They are rich in carotenes (including Capsanthin, with antioxidant properties).
    • They contain Vitamin C, B2 and B6.
    • They are high in fiber content.
    • They contain a high percentage of water.
    • They contain minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium).
    • They have a good calorie level.

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    And now, we show you a very easy but yummy recipe, made with piquillo peppers. It will be ready in just a few minutes!

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