All about Spain. All i Oli Sauce.

  • We are going to talk about the famous All i Oli (Alioli). It is a typical Spanish sauce made with garlic and olive oil, and this is just the meaning of All i Oli (in Catalan ‘All’ means garlic, and ‘Oli’ means Olive Oil).

    Usually we use it as a condiment in a lot of dishes, mainly as a side with fishes (codfish, monkfish, etc) and fried fish or seafood ( squids, cuttlefish, shrimps…) but also to enjoy it on its own or with bread. It can be used also as a sauce for all kinds of meats and grilled meats as well as grilled or stir-fried vegetables. We use this sauce in rice dishes like ‘paella’, ‘arroz a banda’, ‘caldero’, ‘squid ink paella’ and also in pasta dishes like the famous ‘fideuá’ (which contains also fish and seafood).

    French fries covered with All i Oli are one of the most famous ‘tapas’ dish in the oriental mediterranean coast. Sometimes the well-known ‘patatas bravas’ are enjoyed with All i Oli sauce and brava sauce mixed together. In this way all i oli pairs very well with fried, grilled or even boiled potatoes.

    All i Oli is usually eaten at a room temperature but we also cover some food with All i Oli to be cooked like that in the owen. At the end of this post, we will explain you a delicious recipe of fish with All i Oli.

    The most traditional way to make All i Oli is using a mortar and a pestle. We have to crush the garlic inside the mortar and add very slowly the olive oil, stirring constantly until the mixture is thick and to prevent it from separating.

    Now, enjoying this delicious sauce is easier than ever because you can buy All i Oli sauce ready to eat in El Colmado HK

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    And finally the recipe! Cod au Gratin with All i Oli, a delicious, easy and healthy recipe!

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